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5sos selfie cheating game is too strong


you sit on one of your CD’s and your like 


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me: today is going to be a great day
me: *remembers there will never be a new mcr album*
me: *cries*


I love michael so much I want to hug him for like 19498252 hours.


I can totally see Michael somehow getting ahold of your embarrassing fetus pictures and posting them on twitter and captioning them like ‘bebz so cute’ and you’d be confused af as to how he got them but you’d reply with one of his that was even more embarrassing and it’d become an almost never ending twitter war between you two to see who had the more embarrassing picture of the other like yee

I want to know when the Good Girls music video is gonna be released so I can buy my gravestone.


Michael being annoying with the microphone once again x


Nothing better than a punk looking guy getting excited over kittens x